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How to Plan Your Exhibition Marketing Conference

Trade shows provide great opportunities for you to introduce your products and services, expand your network, and increase your sales. You come face-to-face with your target audience, who on the other hand, are already pre-qualified to become your business partners or new clients. These people spend time to be on the trade show and are most likely interested to know more about the participants. Your business can attract the attention you’re looking for but to achieve that, you need to plan carefully for the event. Here are tips to prepare for your exhibition marketing conference.


1.) Look into relevant trade shows.

trade show

A professional event management company in Singapore would not advise you to join every trade show related to your industry. There are several shows held every year, which means you will have plenty of opportunities to join. However, you need to focus only on shows that support your brand and objectives. Joining a trade show can be expensive. You might as well allocate your budget where there is a promising ROI. 2.) Study your marketing budget.

Marketing budget

When it comes to your expenses, you need to look into facts. Consider how much you spent and earned on previous events. See how much it will cost to put up an exhibit this time. You don’t want to skimp on your booth as it can backfire on your brand. Instead, you can partner with a conference & exhibition management services company in ensuring that your budget is spent strategically, without cutting corners on important aspects of the show. 3.) Register early.

Trade shows often get booked up fast. Register early and secure the best spot. Be prepared for any last-minute changes, too. Spots may have to be changed at any time before the show rolls out. If you are planning to book accommodation for your entire team, reserve rooms ahead of time as well. Hotels near the convention center can also get filled up fast. Booking early may earn you discounts. Take advantage of them. 4.) Hire a professional booth designer.

event management company in Singapore

Securing a prime spot in the trade show isn’t enough. You need to make an impact on the appearance of your booth and your presentations. You probably are planning on holding a live demo of your new products. Make sure your booth stands out by hiring a professional exhibition booth fabrication company. Their team will take care of everything, including the lighting, to draw the attention of attendees and give them a pleasant experience while at your booth. 5.) Promote your exhibition.

booth designer singapore

Spend time promoting your event. Get in touch with the organizers if it’s possible to request a list of attendees. Review the list and reach out to those you want to focus on. If you have social media accounts, be sure to update your followers about the event. Consider offering free refreshments or little corporate gifts to increase brand awareness. Don’t forget to mention where your booth is located. Make it easy for the attendees to get to you.


Also read our blog of: 5 Tips for Organising a Successful Exhibition Even if the exhibition is over, your job still does not end. You have made new connections so make sure to make use of them. Send follow-up emails to qualified contacts for further discussions or meetings. They may have more questions or concerns about your products and services, which you can help them with. Earn their trust and keep looking after their needs until they successfully become new business partners or clients.

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