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5 Tips for Organising a Successful Exhibition

Organising an exhibition can be overwhelming, especially if you’re pressed for time. You know you’ll be facing your target audience, which can add to the pressure, but that’s exactly the advantage of trade shows. You have greater chances of making a lasting impression and winning new clients or partners.

With careful planning, you can take the stress out in your exhibition and make the most of it. Here are tips to help you get started.


1. Analyse upcoming trade shows.

trade show exhibit

You don’t have to participate in every trade show. Choose which ones support your goals and resonate with your target audience. Organisers usually make announcements ahead of time so stay alert and watch out for updates. List down the event dates and carefully review the show’s theme and demographics. Will the trade show contribute to your company’s goals? Is the event theme suitable for your brand? Look into figures as well and gather information on the show’s statistics and previous participants.


2. Look into your previous exhibitions.

exhibition booth fabrication

Take a look at your spending on your previous exhibitions and whether the returns were accurate. If there had been issues or any losses, take that into account too. See which aspects of the show you can save money from or optimise to increase profits. Decide whether it will be worth it to sign up again for the same shows and draft a schedule for the entire year. Consider the upcoming trade shows you have listed as you fill up your event calendar.


3. List down your goals.


What are your objectives for the exhibition? What key messages do you want to send to your audience? From your previous experiences, list down metrics on how you’ll measure the success of your next exhibitions. Think about how you want your booth to be received. You can invite prospective audience to your booth for a meeting or further discussion if you want too. Do you feel that audio-visual presentations will be well-received too? If you are introducing new products or services, this can be a great way to capture the attention of attendees.


4. Decide on your location.

exhibition trade show location

Even the best product may not get noticed due to poor location. If you are sure about signing up for a trade show, do it early so you can secure the best spot. The entrance and exit points don’t always make great choices as people are either too overwhelmed or in a rush to pay attention. Consider booking spaces near restaurants or in the corner. Be where the traffic is and maximise open spaces around you.


5. Promote your event.

promote your conference & exhibition events


Let your target audience know that you'll be joining the trade show. Attendees will most likely have a list of booths they want to check out, so be sure your company is on it. Partner with a booth design in Singapore for a stress-free exhibition. Your booth has to make an impact right at first glance to lure attendees in. Put emphasis on your important products or services with strategic lighting. Featuring fun and interactive elements can also help your booth stand out.

Event management company does not have to be complicated. An exhibition booth contractor is aware of the best practices and will know how to help you achieve your goals. From planning, designing, and manning your booth to reporting progress and dealing with issues, you can take comfort in knowing that you’re working with experts.

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